About Us

Leading Testing Laboratories (LTL) is a leading innovative supply chain QC solution company whose scope of service covers QC, QA on site, inspection, audit, testing, quality research, consulting, quality system establishment and market compliance. All quality key points of the supply chain are covered and we help reduce quality risks by discovering and resolving the problems inside out.

From its foundation, LTL set its aim as a global leading supply chain quality control expert and cost-effective solution provider with high efficiency. Always focuses on customer’s needs, LTL provide intimate service to resolve customer’s problems and improve supply chain quality with full range quality control solutions...


Company News

LTL elected to be the President of TCCT
LTL passed the national high-tech enterprise qualification certification
LTL passed Tianjin high-tech enterprise qualification certification
LTL becomes the governing unit of China Quality Association
LTL passed the national science and technology small business certification